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Bone Regeneration
Lilburn, GA

Assistant showing x-ray to patientBefore undergoing a dental implant procedure, such as a single tooth implant or multiple tooth implants, you must meet certain conditions. One of these conditions is having a healthy, strong, and sufficient jawbone. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as many patients fail to meet this requirement due to bone loss. However, at Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center, we offer bone regeneration procedures, which help to restore the lost or damaged bone tissue, thus making you a suitable candidate for dental implant placement.

Bone Regeneration for Treating Bone Loss

Bone regeneration is used to treat bone loss, which can be brought about by various factors such as tooth loss, an infection of the bone tissue, or damage to the jaw following an injury. The procedures are also used to prevent bone loss by preserving the bone structure.

During bone regeneration procedures, a bone grafting material is inserted in the area where there is bone loss (or where the new bone tissue is needed). The graft then starts regenerating new bone tissue, which merges with the existing tissue, thus increasing the volume of the jawbone.

The bone graft material used can come from some sources, which can include a piece of bone from your own body, a bone from a tissue bank (harvested from cadavers), an animal bone, or synthetic bone material.

When is Bone Regeneration Needed?

Bone regeneration procedures can be an ideal solution to your dental problems in the following situations:
•  Before a dental implant placement procedure – if you have experienced bone loss, or if your bone tissue is not sufficient for the placement of dental implants, bone regeneration procedures are used to grow new bone tissue.
•  Following a tooth extraction to preserve the jawbone – losing teeth causes your jawbone to start deteriorating, thus making future implant procedures impossible. The bone loss can, however, be prevented by regenerating new bone tissue in the tooth sockets, thus preserving your jawbone for future implant procedures.

Types of Bone Regeneration Procedures

•  Tooth Socket Grafting – tooth socket grafting is a bone regeneration procedure that helps to grow new bone tissue in a tooth socket left behind following tooth extraction. It is usually a preventative procedure, which helps to prevent bone loss due to loss of teeth.
•  Ridge Augmentation – ridge augmentation is a bone regeneration procedure, we offer to help recreate the natural shape of the gums due to bone loss. It is a common procedure following a tooth extraction or bone loss caused by other reasons such as a dental injury.
•  Sinus Lift – Sinus Lift is a bone-grafting surgical procedure that helps to add new bone tissue in the upper jaw. It is usually offered due to bone loss at the back of the jaw, when there is insufficient bone tissue, or when the sinuses have protruded to the jawbone.
•  Normal bone grafting – Aside from the sinuses, the ridge, and the tooth socket, we also perform a bone grafting procedure on any other part of the jaw which has experienced bone tissue loss or damage.

Are you interested in restoring your smile through Dental Implants but have experienced bone loss? Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center can help you using bone regeneration procedures. Call us today at (470) 222-8983 to schedule an appointment.

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Are you interested in restoring your smile through Dental Implants but have experienced bone loss? We can help you using bone regeneration procedures. (470) 222-8983
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