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Dental Implant Services
Lilburn, GA

Portrait of happily married mature couple hugging at Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center in Lilburn, GAAs prosthodontists, we here at Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center, are happy to offer implant-supported prostheses. We believe that dental implants are the ideal solution when it comes to tooth loss.

All-on-4® Treatment Concept

All-on-4 is a revolutionary new treatment concept developed by Nobel Biocare, the industry leader in implant solutions. All-on-4 is a complete fixed bridge that, as the name suggests, only requires four implants per arch, instead of six to eight. To accomplish this, the posterior (back) implants are placed at an angle to maximize the support from your jawbone. All-on-4, due to a reduced number of implants, can make the healing process faster and more comfortable.
Learn more about All-on-4® Treatment Concept.

Single Tooth Implant

If you are missing a single tooth, an implant-supported crown may be the best solution. An implant-supported crown usually consists of three components: the implant post, and abutment (support structure), and the restoration. We may recommend an implant-supported crown in place of more traditional options, such as a conventional bridge or partial denture.
Learn more about single tooth implant.

Multiple Teeth Implant

If you are missing multiple teeth, multiple implants can be used to support a larger restoration, such as a partial or complete fixed bridge. The type of restoration you receive depends on the number of missing teeth and their location. A multiple teeth restoration will improve your ability to properly chew and speak, as well as the aesthetics of your smile.
Learn more about multiple teeth implant.

Dental Implant Placement

If you are considering dental implants, it is a good idea to understand what happens during the treatment process. This way, you can be better prepared and know what to expect when Dr. Schiffer,Dr. Greenwald, Dr. Kurialacherry and Dr. Kancherla remedy your problems with lost or damaged teeth.
Learn more about dental implant placement.

Dentures to Implant Supported Bridge

The complications arising from wearing standard dentures can be fixed by switching to an implant supported bridge. The bridge is quite similar to the traditional dentures, in that it features a base that comes with a set of artificial teeth to replace the missing one.
Learn more about dentures to implant supported bridge.

Immediate Dental Implants

At Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center, you can enjoy the benefits of dental implants without having to wait several weeks to get the crowns or the dental bridge. Our immediate dental implant solutions allow you to fully restore your teeth in a day.
Learn more about immediate dental implants.

Implant Crowns

An implant crown is the last part of a dental implant that is placed once the implant post is installed. The post is surgically inserted into the jaw to osseointegrate while the gums heal. A temporary crown is usually screwed on during this time. When osseointegration and healing are complete, the final crown is screwed on. Crowns are attached to the post by way of an abutment and have the appearance and function of natural teeth.
Learn more about the Implant crowns.

Dental Implant Considerations

Dental implants provide you with prosthetic, but attractive, natural looking teeth. However, while dental implants can be ideal for anyone who has lost their teeth, there are certain conditions required to become an ideal candidate for the treatment.
Learn if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants.

Ridge Augmentation

Damaged jawbone tissue is a common dental problem that affects many people, leading to several dental problems from the inability to get dental implants to an altered facial appearance. Ridge augmentation helps to treat ridge deformities by regenerating new bone tissue and restoring the proper contour of the jawbone.
Learn more about ridge augmentation.

Tooth Socket Graft

If you are not planning to get implants immediately following teeth extraction, the missing teeth can lead to bone loss – thus making it harder to get implants at a later time. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent the bone loss by preserving the tooth socket left behind after extraction.
Learn more about tooth socket graft.

Bone Regeneration

Dental implants requires having a healthy, strong, and sufficient jawbone. Fortunately, we offer bone regeneration procedures, which help to restore the lost or damaged bone tissue, thus making you a suitable candidate for dental implant placement.
Learn more about bone regeneration.

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