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Dentures to Implant-Supported Bridges – Is it Worth It?

Rendering of jaw with implant bridgeWhen you lose your teeth, dentures are likely to be your first solution replacing the teeth. In the beginning, the dentures can help you to regain your teeth's function and facial appearance. However, after wearing them for a while, you are likely to experience problems such as a loose fit, which in turn translates to discomfort, sore gums, and pain. In worse cases, the dentures can start slipping from your mouth. Fortunately, there are solutions to these denture problems, for example, switching to implant-supported bridges. At Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center, we can offer you implant-supported bridges, which can help to remedy various problems you might be experiencing with your dentures.

What is Causing Your Denture Complications?

When you lose your teeth, the jawbone starts to deteriorate due to resorption – the natural reabsorption of the jawbone with reduced regeneration. The deterioration causes the jawbone to start shrinking. This alters the shape of the dental ridge, the surface on which the dentures are attached to. The reduced size and the altered shape of the jawbone causes fitting problems with the dentures.

Implant-supported Bridge as a Solution for Loose Dentures

The complications arising from wearing standard dentures can be fixed by switching to an implant-supported bridge. The bridge is quite similar to the traditional dentures, in that it features a base that comes with a set of artificial teeth to replace the missing one. However, an implant-supported bridge is, just as the name suggests, held onto the jawbone using Dental Implants.

The implants are strategically installed onto the jawbone, which helps to provide strong support to the bridge. This helps to ensure that it fits perfectly in your mouth, without issues such as loose movement. The implants also allow for permanent installation of the bridge, which eliminates the need to keep on using adhesives.

Benefits of implant-supported dentures:
•  Restoring your mouth structure - the shrinking of the jawbone due to bone loss can greatly alter your mouth structure. However, during the implant placement procedure, the bone deterioration is remedied by regenerating new bone tissue, thus restoring your natural mouth structure.
•  A more natural-looking appearance - an implant-supported bridge is permanently and securely held onto your jawbone using implants. On top of that, the dental bridge is custom created, using natural-looking material (flesh-looking plastic for the bridge base, and ceramic or porcelain teeth). This helps to offer you a more natural look, which greatly improves your smile.
•  The implants help to stimulate the regeneration of bone tissue, which helps to prevent additional bone loss.
•  An implant-supported bridge is easy to maintain because it is permanently attached to your mouth. Therefore, you can clean the prosthetic teeth just like your natural ones, without the need for removing the bridge.

Costs Consideration of Implant-supported Bridge

The cost of inserting the Implants and bridges is quite a bit higher than the that of traditional dentures. However, the benefits offered by the implant bridge are greater and long-lasting, which makes the option worthwhile.

Are you tired of the problems that come from wearing dentures? Say goodbye to all of your troubles today by switching to an implant-supported bridge. Call us, Gwinnett Dental Implant & Periodontal Center, at (470) 222-8983 to schedule an appointment.

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Are you tired of the problems that come from wearing dentures? Say goodbye to all of your troubles today by switching to an implant-supported bridge. (470) 222-8983
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